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Interventions Completed

     The project was carried out of the walls full katachosi Arriforiou the foundations of which appeared to be the best solution to protect the very soft and fragile limestone monument. The approved architectural study of B. Manidaki and geotechnical study of D. Egglezos envisaged covering of limestone, in total, of reinforced soil material in an appropriate manner during the paving (reinforced earth) to prevent lateral thrust to the wall .

     This project is a pilot, and facing a small scale, broader problems of soil formation of the Acropolis: the structural design of walls, investigate physical and mechanical characteristics of the backfill material, rainwater runoff, labeling katachosmenon themeliotoichon the new ground level. Thus, in addition to considering the technical problems the opportunity to better assess a potential future major project that the general configuration of lands of the plateau of the Acropolis.

     The systematic monitoring of the filling is continuous instrumental monitoring to control the triggers on the north themeliotoichou (topographic measurements precision pressure sensor on the external themeliotoichou, fiber control the movement of B. themeliotoichou). The nearly three years after the filling measurements show very small variations of deformation (recordings obtained due to the high sensitivity of the monitoring systems), an interpretation which goes back to the climate - temperature influence of the environment.

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