Awards for the restoration works on the Acropolis from the Europa Nostra


The Acropolis Restoration Project received two awards this year from the Europa Nostra.

The project Restoration of the upper structure of the main building of the Propylaea was awarded in Category 1 - Conservation

Also, the Acropolis Restoration Committee received an award for its contribution to the work carried out on the monuments in Category 3 - Dedicated Service.


This double award by Europa Nostra is very significant, especially at a time when we stand in need of hope and optimism.


It is a reward for our long efforts towards:

• The scientific approach of the interventions on the monuments

• The interdisciplinary collaboration

• The promotion of traditional techniques and the research on the use of modern technology

• The dissemination of the works and public outreach.


The establishment of the Acropolis Restoration Committee in 1975 initiated a new period of restoration interventions, in which issues with respect to the principles, the materials and the methods of intervention were further developed and standardised.

Today about 35 Scientific Committees oversee the largest restoration projects across the country. Under their supervision a common vocabulary between archaeologists, architects, conservators and other experts has been developed, while the specialisation in the treatment of the stone, which is top priority, has rendered three generations of experienced marble workers, who have been instrumental to the implementation of the completed restoration programs and guarantee the success of those in progress and those planned for the future.


For all the prizes you can check the website of Europa Nostra, where you can also vote for the people's choice awards.


For all the prizes you can check the website of Europa Nostra at the following address:


You can also participate in the people's choice awards by giving your vote at:


Finally, you can support the candidacy of the Propylaea for the grand prize through our F/B Group page  facebook group 490x147

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