Documentary "Parthenon 1991: The restoration of the East side" available in Youtube, 22/7/2015

In the framework of the current program of restoration interventions on the Acropolis monuments (NSRF 2011-2013) a digitisation project was realised targeting audiovisual material from the archive of ESMA. Among the digitized items has been the documentary "Parthenon 1991: The restoration of the eastern side". This is the final copy in Betacam format containing english narration and subtitles.


The film contains extended footage from the restoration interventions on the east side of the Parthenon, a project that lasted between 1984 and 1991. Key participants in the interventions including Prof. Ch. Bouras, president of the Committee for the Conservation of the Acropolis monuments, M. Korres, N. Toganidis and P. Koufopoulos, architects of the project, K. Zambas, civil engineer, E. Touloupa, archaeologist and former director of the Ephorate of Acropolis, J. Arbilias, chief marble-mason, describe the works and their impressions of their involvement with the conservation of the monument.


The film is directed by Dimitris Vernikou with the scientific supervision of Cornelia Hadziaslani.


You can see the movie in the YSMA channel on Youtube.



Produced by: Ministry of Culture - Committee for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments, Copyright 1992.

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