Information note on the progress of restoration works at the south Acropolis wall, 25/9/2015



The restoration of the south fortification wall of the Acropolis between the 6th and 7th buttresses, at the area above the theater of Dionysus, was completed in July 2015. The project included archaeological cleaning which revealed the state of preservation of the upper part of the wall to a full width of 6 m. Also included were the placement of a bituminous material and the formation of a drainage system for carrying off rainwater in the contiguous channel, the replacement of crumbling building material and the filling of gaps with poros stone from Pitsa (Corinth), conservation of construction mortars.


The Wall construction and its state of preservation were examined in the course of the work by means of endoscope, thermal infrared camera etc. The use of scattered ancient material for repairing the walls is indeed well known and is always investigated with interest. Some 20 spolia were identified, the most significant of which is part of a Roman inscription that was subsequently removed from the wall. This work is considered to be a pilot project and the problems that emerged, both in the monument itself, and in the very process of stabilizing it, have provided valuable information for their more successful confrontation in the interventions to come.


The stabilization of the schist slopes of the SW incline of the Acropolis is in progress. It includes removal of flora and sections of the rock that are loose, use of anchors, supporting the rock in areas of negative slope with walls, strengthening the rock slope by the use of metallic mesh and so on. 

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