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The current programme of restoration of the Propylaia South Wing started in 2012 and will have been completed by the end of 2014. The project aims at making full use of the surviving original material for the restoration of the particular part of the monument. Thus, 44 members lying on the ground will be restored in their original positions, nine more members, which had been previously placed in wrong positions, will be rearranged, while two more members of new marble will be added. This programme completes the restoration intervention of the years 1946-1954 and 1957-1960 carried out by E. Orlandos andE. Stikasand is going to contribute significantly to the better understanding of the monument’s architecture. The project is based on the architectural study of the architect Dr T. Tanoulas and on the study of structural restoration of the civil engineers M. Ioannidou and V. Papavasileiou.





The NW. corner of the central building faces serious structural problems, because of both anthropogenic factors (e.g. explosions) and material failures in the particular area.  The present restoration intervention aims mainly at dealing with the structural problems of the capital on the NW. column and of the architectural members of the overlying entablature. For this reason, the capital and ten more members will be dismantled, conserved on the ground and restored in their original positions. Three more ancient blocks and one more of new marble will be placed on the west edge of the north wall, contributing to the structural and architectural restoration of this part of the monument. Seizing the opportunity of this intervention, four ancient drums and a new one will be placed on the Doric colonnade of the west façade. This intervention will contribute to the increase of the didactic value of the monument, mainly by using ancient material lying on the ground. The architectural study was made by the architect Dr K. Karanasos and the study of structural restoration by the civil engineer M. Ioannidou.

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