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Ιnterventions Completed

    From 1977 to the present, over 20.000 worked pieces, preserved as fragments, and whole members, which lay scattered around the Acropolis monuments or had been collected, as early as the end of the 19th century, in 25 large stone piles at various places on the Sacred Rock, have been recorded, described and photographed and, in special cases, documented with drawings. Over 10,000 pieces without original surface have likewise been recorded and separated from the rest of the material.


    Examples of the identification and attribution of some of the scattered members to architectural monuments are the attribution of 197 stones to the Parthenon, 65 to the Propylaia, 4 to the Erechtheion, 91 to the pre-Parthenon, 30 to the so-called Urparthenon, 500 to the “Old Temple”, 64 to the Stoa of Eumenes, 7 to the stoas of the Asklepieion and 3 to the Odeion of Herodes Atticus, between 1995 and today. Among the sculptural fragments that have been joined is a fragment belonging to the back of the horse of the Persian Horseman, which has restored the length of the horse along the spine.


   Included also in the work on the Scattered Members of the Acropolis is the recording and description of ancient stones from the Old National Printing Press and the Arsakeion. 128 fragments were found built into the walls of the first as re-used material. These were taken out and transferred to the Acropolis where they were listed. The importance of this operation is evident from the fact that, among other things, 27 of the fragments belonged to the Parthenon. After the plaster was removed from the exterior of the Arsakeion, it was evident that ancient material from the Acropolis monuments had been used extensively. Photographs to scale were made of 482 stones, after careful cleaning of the visible surfaces and circumferential joints.

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