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Teachers' Programmes


     The collaboration of the Department with teachers takes a more specific form in the special seminars that take place regularly at the Acropolis Museum, throughout Greece and abroad as well. Seminars are held for groups of educators by request. In the seminars, the educational resources are presented, with data from the architecture, the art and history of the classical period, to be included in the lessons so as to enrich the course being taught.


     Seminars have been held for archaeologists, undergraduate and graduate students, for librarians throughout Greece and especially for many Greek and foreign educators in collaboration with various institutions. A special network has been created with the Foreign Archaeological Schools in Greece, as well as with various specialised Institutions. Groups of teachers of ancient Greek from England, Denmark, France, Germany Holland, Ireland and many other countries have participated in the seminars.Seminars have likewise been organised, in collaboration with local authorities at Brussels, Kiev and Odessa, Leukosia and London.


     All participants at the seminars or at the special symposia organised by the Department receive educational resources in Greek or in English.


Procedure for Participating in the Educational Seminars

     The Seminar for Teachers is addressed to educators from all school levels and provides information on the educational programmes offered by the Museum. The seminar outlines several proposed tours that teachers can follow when accompanying students during a school visit.

Μore information is available at the Acropolis museum webpage.




    The Museum Kits and the Department’s publications more generally, have been exhibited in many cities around Greece and abroad, inside many Museums, Universities and Libraries. Exhibitions have been held at Museums in many cities abroad such as Alexandria, Amsterdam, Belgrade, Bucharest, Boston, Kiev, Leukosia, London, Odessa, Osaka, Rome, Skopje and Zagreb. They have also been shown at international book exhibitions, such as at the international children΄s book exhibition in Bologna and at the international book exhibition in Frankfurt, in 2000, when Greece was the featured country. An exhibition of all the educational material was held in Brussels, under the title: «Let΄s Go to the Acropolis. Ancient Culture in Modern Education», by invitation of the European Parliament.


     In conjunction with the above exhibitions, special seminars were held for teachers, at which the educational material and its potential in the teaching process were demonstrated.

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